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Education Support 2020

Education Support Covid-19 survey

The Department intends to assist beneficiaries of education support to cope during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Please assist with filling in the survey and send it back to the emails provided. Kindly submit survey by 30 May 2020.

Education Support Agreement

Entity Maintenance Form

Education Support Forms

Updated Basic Education lists

Tertiary Educaiton Support

DMV Tender information

Tender certificates:

Extension of validity period of the bids

The Department is hereby extending the validity period of the above bids for another Sixty (60) days from 14 March 2020 to 13 May 2020.

  • BID NO: DMV/BID 001/2019 — Appointment of suitable panel of service providers to supply and deliver cleaning materials for the Department of Military Veterans for a period of 24 months.
  • BID NO: DMV/BID 002/2019 — Appointment of suitable panel of service providers to supply and deliver stationery for the Department of Military Veterans for a period of 24 months.

The validity period of the bids is therefore extended to allow the Department to finalize the evaluation, adjudication and appointment of the service providers.

Application Forms

  1. DMV Covid-19 Relief Fund application form
  2. Military Veterans Database information and forms
  3. Burial Support forms
  4. Employment application form (Z83)
  5. Healthcare Benefit application form
  6. Housing
  7. Skills Development Benefit
  8. Social Relief of Distress application form — Page 1 & Page 2
  9. Supplier Database formsCentral Supplier Database website



  1. Notice in terms of section 7 of the Military Veterans Act
  2. Military Veterans Benefits Regulations
  3. Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) Manual
  4. The Military Veterans Act
  5. Summary of the Military Veterans Act
  6. Draft guidelines for consultation

Annual Reports

  1. Annual Report 2018 — 2019 (1,3 MB)
  2. Annual Report 2017 — 2018 (1,3 MB)
  3. Annual Report 2015 — 2016
  4. Annual Report 2014 — 2015
  5. Annual Report 2013 — 2014 (1,8MB)

Strategic Plan

  1. Strategic Plan 2012 — 2016 (919 KB)

Annual Performance Plans

  1. Annual Performance Plan 2017/18 — 2019/20 (1,3 MB)
  2. Annual Performance Plan 2016 — 2017 (8,3MB)
  3. Annual Performance Plan 2012 (1,2 MB)

SANMVA Conference Declarations

  1. Minister's Military Veterans' Indaba
  2. SANMVA Declaration


"Honour" is a monthly publication designed and developed in-house by the Department of Military Veterans

Theme: Commemorating 35th anniversary of a hero's death

February/March 2014
(2,7 MB)

Theme: Celebrating a world icon — Nelson Mandela

January 2014
(2,7 MB)

Theme: Launching of the new umbrella body

September/October 2013
(2,1 MB)

Theme: The SANMVA Special Edition issue

October 2013
(1,5 MB)

Theme: Celebrating women and Military Veterans

July 2013
(2,5 MB)

Theme: Honouring Military Veterans

May/June 2013
(3,1 MB)


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