Burial Support

Related forms & documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Application form for tombstones
  3. Banking Entity Form
  4. Burial Support policy
  5. Database Application Form (If the deceased was not registered on the DMV Database prior to passing on)
  6. Burial Support Standard Operating Procedures

Members Who Qualify For Burial Support:

  • Members who passed away after the signed Act of 2011 was approved (05 December 2011).
  • Members who passed away while not serving in the SANDF.
  • Members who registered on the National DMV Date Base.

Steps to be Followed by the Next of Kin/Relatives of a Military Veteran Upon the Military Veteran's Passing

  1. Notify the Department of Military Veterans burial support office immediately.
  2. Gather all necessary documentation that proves that deceased is a bona-a-fide military veteran.
  3. Notify the Department of Military Veterans if there are offspring.
  4. You are requested to forward the following documentation to the Department of Military Veterans as soon as possible by either fax, email or personally to the above listed, see address block:
    • Clear certified copy of the deceased’s ID.
    • Force number.
    • Death certificate.
    • Burial order (1663).
    • Letter of authority from magistrate court if member is not married.
    • Written proof that military veterans was unemployed or employed and getting paid less than R125 000.00 per annum.
    • Clear certified ID copy of claiming beneficiary.
    • Marriage certificate or proof of customary marriage.
    • Three affidavits and certified ID copies of three family members giving beneficiary permission to claim for funeral benefits.
    • Bank statement of beneficiary.
    • Contact number of beneficiary.
    • Families to apply for the registration of deceased military veterans who are not registered on the DMV National Data Base.
    • Completed documents provided by DMV burial support office (application to access benefits form, bank entity form and data base notification of death form).
  5. This instruction page must accompany this request document.

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