13. Criteria to qualify for access to health care

(1) Subject to subregulation (3), a military veteran qualifies for health care services, at the expense of the State, at a public or private health care facility in the Republic if he or she:

  • (a) is not employed and receives a pension from the State; or
  • (b) is employed but-
    • (i) does not qualify for a medical aid subsidy from his or her employer; or
    • (ii) the military veteran's medical aid cover is not sufficient owing to the status of his or her health.

(2) A military veteran who in terms of subregulation (1) qualifies for health care services may in accordance with regulation 19 apply to the Department for such health care services.

(3) The health care services contemplated in subregulation (1) must be conducted at a public health care facility, but may also be conducted at a private health care facility when a public health care facility is unable to conduct the health care services or a private health care facility is the only facility accessible in the area.


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