Basic Education Support Benefit — Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DMV Education support?

It is an assistance the Department of Military Veterans provides to eligible military veterans and their dependants, in pursuance of education studies in public institutions within the Republic of South Africa.
This support is an annual non-repayable grant towards school and tuition fees at basic education (Grade R- 12) and at institutions of higher learning in South Africa.

How can this support be accessed?

Military Veterans and their dependants may access the support via an application which are available on the DMV website annually during the period of new and continuing applications.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Both military veterans and dependent should be on the database (with an unabridged birth certificate for children) or proof of relations with the military veteran i.e marriage certificate if it’s a spouse.

Eligible applicants may access the DMV Education Support if they are:

  • studying at a South African learning institution both basic and tertiary,
  • the DMV education support is not available to those studying outside the borders of South Africa.

Does the DMV support grandchildren with education support?

The Department does not support grandchildren unless they are legally adopted by the military veteran.
The support is available to DMV approved learners and students studying a full-time and part time courses.

How is the education support payable?

The education support is only payable during the academic year that is approved/ the learner and student met the criteria; so the amount may vary depending on the length of the undertaken course/ studies.

What does the support cover?

The priority of the support is school and tuition fees subject to the set threshold. The support also covers the following:

At basic education –

  • Hostel fees where applicable
  • Stationery and text books
  • Uniform
  • Transport

At Tertiary education

  • Registration costs and tuition costs (subject to maximum benefit).
  • Prescribed books and course equipment (subject to maximum benefit).
  • Student support which includes notebook which shall be a once off benefit (Subject to maximum benefit and priority given to items above
  • Accommodation at a cost not exceeding the threshold for 10 months per year for student residing outside a radius of 50km from the learning institution(subject to maximum benefit).Full time students only (No Distant and/or online students)
  • Living allowances (public institutions) (subject to maximum benefit)

It should be noted that as per Education Support Agreement, the student is given only one chance to repeat if the learner failed, failing which the Education support will be terminated.
As such, the education support award is not intended to enhance any existing financial support provided by other organisations. Should that be known the support will be terminated immediately.

What is the DMV support to learners with special needs?

The DMV does support learners in special needs school who meet the criteria of that support. The MV or guardian need to support the application with a medical report. The DMV will do its own due diligence and reserves the right to decline the full support where the proof of the learner’s needs have been misrepresented.

How is the support paid in public institutions?

  • The DMV utilises the services of National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) as a disbursement agent for all public institutions (including TVET colleges)

How is the support paid in private institutions?

Tuition fees of students studying in private institutions are paid directly by the DMV subject to the maximum threshold.
Students have a responsibility to make sure that the institutions are legitimate and registered with the government’s central supplier database and are tax compliant.

What is the duration of the support at tertiary?

This depends on the duration of a chosen course. An average diploma/degree is 3-4 years. The DMV will support a 1 year pre degree certificate (Extended programme) if it leads to a degree acceptance. It will not support a 2nd year extended programme. Applicants are encouraged to attach a confirmation letter from the institution which states the entire duration of the course.

What happens if I fail a year at tertiary?

The Department will only support one failed year.

Will I be allowed to change a course after a year of study?

The DMV may allow you to change a course as long as you will meet your stipulated study term (3/4 years) as per your initial application. Request to change course or institution must be submitted to DMV for approval prior to changes being made. Changes made without prior approval by DMV will not be funded for the relevant academic year.

Can the Department fund my studies if my application was received after closing date?

The Department will neither consider nor fund late applications.

I am a matric student who is still waiting for institution’s acceptance letter, will the DMV consider my application?

The DMV will accept the application with the proof of application at an institution of higher learning, but will not commit funding until all the documents are received.

Is a gap year allowed during the course of this support?

Yes students are allowed to take a gap year, but they are obligated to notify the DMV in writing of their decision prior to the gap year is taken.

Do I have to pay my education support back?

No, you do not have to pay the support back.

Can I get any help after I graduate for experiential training? 

The DMV may offer support, but please note this is not a guarantee and depends on the DMV’s HR policies, individual circumstances, and funds availability. 

Does the Department support post graduate studies?

The Department focuses on the first qualification and does not support post graduate studies. Students who were previously supported by the DMV may not apply as the Department can only support an individual for only one qualification.

Will the Department fund a year course for my studies?

A course of 12 months or less is covered via the Department’s Training and Skills Development section and not within Education Support.

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