3. Compensation for injury, trauma and disease

(1) A military veteran who sustained disabling injuries or severe psychological and neuro-psychiatric trauma or who suffers from a terminal disease resulting from participation in military activities, may apply for a lump sum payment as compensation if:

  • (a) the disabling injury;
  • (b) the severe psychological and neuro-psychiatric trauma; or
  • (c) the terminal disease, resulted from the military veteran's participation in military activities and-
    • (i) the effect of such disability, trauma or disease is an on-going event;
    • (ii) the medical assessment of the military veteran confirms the link between the injury, trauma or disease and his or her participation in a military activity; and
    • (iii) the military veteran has not accessed or received a similar benefit in terms of any other legislation.

(2) The medical assessment contemplated in subregulation (1) must be conducted at a public health care facility, but may also be conducted at a private health care facility when a public health care facility is unable to conduct the medical assessment services or a private health care facility is the only facility accessible in the area.

Relevant policy: Compensation for Military Veterans

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