4. Determination of amount of compensation

(1) A medical or other adequate assessment report must be used by the Department to determine, in accordance with the Military Pensions Act 84, 1976, the amount to be paid as compensation to a military veteran who qualifies for compensation in terms of regulation 3.

(2) The Minister must approve the amount of the lump sum compensation payment contemplated in subregulation (1).

5. Payment of compensation

(1) Subject to regulation 19, the amount of compensation determined in terms of regulation 4(1) must be paid in accordance with subregulation (2) within three months after it has been approved in terms of regulation 4(2).

(2) The payment of compensation must be made to the military veteran or, in the event that the military veteran dies after having submitted his or her application for compensation, to his or her deceased estate.

See also: Social Relief of Distress

Relevant policy: Compensation for Military Veterans

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