10. Facilitation of business opportunities

(1) The Minister must establish a business vehicle through which business opportunities can be pursued by the State on behalf of all military veterans.

(2) All existing and potential military veterans' business entities that are partially or wholly owned by military veterans and that are benefiting military veterans qualify for facilitation of business opportunities.

(3) To qualify for facilitation of business opportunities, a military veteran's business entity must be registered on the military veterans business entity register.

(4) The Department must determine the conditions for the inclusion of a business entity in the military veterans business entity register.

11. Business facilitation programmes

The facilitation of business opportunities entails programmes from the Department, which may include:

  • (a) training on business information and statistics in the various sectors;
  • (b) training on planning, logistics and financial modelling;
  • (c) information on funding options and institutional arrangements;
  • (d) linkages to markets;
  • (e) skills transfer, capacity building, support and mentorship.

Procedure to follow for business empowerment benefit.

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