City Press misrepresented Military Veterans Pension

14 June 2023

The Department of Military Veterans takes note, of an article which was featured on the City Press dated 11 June 2023, titled “36m for military vets used to buy furniture”. The article which purports to expose an irregular and corrupt purchase of furniture, with funds meant for Military Veteran’s pensions benefit pay-out, is devoid of any truth and misleading.

Furthermore, the article insinuates that according to the “insider” “no pension will be paid to veterans.” The readers of City Press are not informed as to the authority of the nameless “insider” to make such an allegation. The matter of the pension to the military veterans is of such importance and seriousness and it ought to be treated as such, the process to rollout the military veterans pension benefit, is currently underway and remains unhindered.

In view of the above, it is malicious to suggest that the funds were shifted to procure furniture for the four officials returning from suspension. It is also unprofessional of an investigative journalist, to suggest that the funds are spent or wasted with no shred of evidence.

Based on official records at our disposal, no funds were used in this manner and all funds requested to be shifted are available and untouched in the Department of Military Veterans. We should also state, empathically that no furniture was procured.

The request was made to National Treasury, dated 20 March 2023, to shift the unspent funds from Transfers and Subsidies towards Goods and Services. This was to offset a potential overspend on Healthcare Services and Education Support.

The Department also has at their disposal a response from National Treasury, dated 30 March 2023, wherein the National Treasury stated that “it takes note of and does not object to the Department’s proposal to shift funds as proposed by the department.

On the matter of the the four suspended officials who were instructed to return for duty, there are still processes underway, therefore the Ministry and the Acting Director General of the DMV will communicate on the matter once it is finalized.

As a result, we call on City Press to retract and put the record straight on this story. We urge media practitioners to always demonstrate a healthy respect for facts and remain truthful in the execution of their craft. In the end, the spread of fake news through mainstream media is unfortunate and regrettable.

The DMV takes this opportunity to re-affirm its commitment to upholding laws relating to financial transactions in the public sector. The Department remains seized with all the outstanding matters affecting the community of military veterans.

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