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Military Veterans Set To Get All Their Benefits

The Department of Military Veterans, has as part of their service delivery drive, made progress in terms of delivering basic services to military veterans’.

Under the theme “Faster Delivery to Military Veterans” the department seeks to ensure access to benefits by military veterans, building of partnerships and working together between the government, business, labour, civil society and Military Veterans as represented by their associations.

Military Veterans’ are encouraged to approach the Department to discuss progress and challenges faced in delivering housing, health, education , pensions to military veterans’, as well as other benefits stipulated in the Act. This is part of the department’s drive to deliver on its mandate.

The Department has in the financial year 2015/16 approved 5179 bursaries for both basic and tertiary education of military veterans and their dependents. 132 military veterans have been provided with houses in 5 provinces at the value of R1,575 000. 14 559 military veterans have access to health and 613 families have benefitted on burial support since the establishment of the Department of Military Veterans in 2012. On Business Empowerment has provided support to 269 military veterans in registering cooperatives and 1975 military veterans and their dependents received support of skills development at a of over 15 million. The Department will also pay a stipulated amount of R1200 for a maximum of 12 months to 1800 military veterans who have applied for the social relieve of distress funds.

The Department has over 71 803 military veterans in their database and it is working hard to reach all of them.

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