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Criteria to qualify for housing

(1) A military veteran qualifies for a housing benefit of a total value not exceeding R175 000 if he or she:

  • (a) is not employed and receives a pension from the State; or
  • (b) is employed and has an annual income of less than R125 000, and:?(i) does not own a house;
  • (c) has not previously received a house or other housing benefit from the State; or
  • (d) if he or she is in a spousal relationship, his or her spouse has not received a house or other housing benefit from the State.

(2) Where a military veteran owns a house and the total sum of the balance of the mortgage loan registered in his or her name at a registered financial institution is equal to or less than the housing benefit to which he or she would, but for subregulation

  • (a), have been entitled in terms of these regulations, the Department may, despite his or her disqualification by that subregulation from being entitled to a housing benefit, settle the outstanding balance of the mortgage loan with that financial institution, whereupon the military veteran forfeits his or her housing benefit which he or she would, but for that subregulation, otherwise have been entitled to in terms of these regulations had it not been for such settlement.
  • (b) For purposes of this regulation, “housing benefit” includes the allocation of a house.
  • (c) The Minister may, in consultation with the Minister responsible for housing and the Minister of Finance, annually review the total value of the housing benefit prescribed in subregulation (1).

Condition of housing benefit

A military veteran who sells or otherwise alienates a house allocated to him or her in terms of regulation 14(1) or in respect of which the mortgage loan has been settled by the Department as contemplated in regulation 14(2) is disqualified from receiving any further housing benefit in terms of the Act and these regulations.

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