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2017 Education Support – updated

Lists of approved bursaries are being released on a regular basis. Please peruse the lists below, to see if you have been approved for education support for the 2017 academic year.

Basic education 2017


Not approved

Higher Education 2017


2017 tertiary education students (names attached) to update their contact numbers. Students should contact the department as well as the Financial Aid office at the institution of learning to update the contact cellular numbers. Applicants can communicate their contact details by sending their full name, surname, ID number, student number, Name of Learning Institution AND Current Cell nr to: E mail HigherEducation@dmv.gov.za  or  SMS  to 063 696 5372 

This is very important as the mentioned students tuition fees and allowance payments are outstanding due to this communication break.

Your urgent action in this matter is highly appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “2017 Education Support – updated

  1. I would like to congratulate the team that is working on edication in this department your efforts in helping us you are really dedicated to your work big up god bless you all team education mr Mogakabe and others job well done

  2. Thanks very much for the payment of my child education. We still have a challenge on going through when we call. Our land lines appearing on our website. Thanks

  3. From the bottom of my heart I would like to extend my gratitude to the Department of military veterans. The department has contributed to my academic success because I now have one less thing to worry about-funding. I am thriving for academic success knowing that I do not only owe it to myself but the department as well. Thank you for this wonderful initiative. Enriching lives through education and financial support.

  4. I am trying to check under approved, but I cant seem to open the link. is it working?

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