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2017 Continued Basic Education Support

Higher education

Current Bursary holders invited to complete and submit required documentation for Continued Education Support for Grade 1 – 12 learners

Applicable to Current Bursary holders:

This is applicable to continuing learners who received bursary in 2016.

Required Supporting Documents (Attachments)

  1. Completed DMV Education Support Questionnaire – Form

    • Also available from the DMV Head Office, office 234 (328 Festival Street, Hatfield, Pretoria) or through assistance at Provinces.
  2. Military Veteran’s identity document/Death certificate if the veteran is deceased.
  3. Applicant’s identity document/ Birth certificate.
  4. ID of parent/guardian if the applicant is not a Military Veteran but applying on behalf of Military Veteran dependant.
  5. Latest school report.
  6. Legal proof of guardianship or affidavit.
  7. Proof of acceptance letter from the institution for 2017. (Official Signed Letter)
  8. Completed Education Bursary Agreement 2017 obtainable from DMV website or office.
  9. An original and valid Tax Clearance Certificate required for all Private institutions.
  10. For continuing learners in Private and Public Institutions, an invoice will be required on or before 31 January 2017.
    • Only invoices accepted. No pro-forma invoices. No handwritten invoices/quotations or letters indicating fees will be accepted.
  11. Only invoices issued directly by the school with school stamp will be accepted.
    • (Questionnaire will not be accepted without relevant/required attachments)
  13. In the case where the school does not provide the necessary equipment directly from the school, the school must provide a stamped list of the required equipment to ensure the procured item paid for by the department is related to the tuition requirements.

Important Information

The Department of Military Veterans covers the following up to a maximum of R42 500.00 per year:

Kindly note that the maximum bursary payout inclusive of:

  • school fees,
  • books, stationery,
  • boarding/hostel fees if applicable,
  • uniform and transport

NB: Should the cost be below R42 500.00 no refund would be done to bursars.

Changing of institutions will only be considered if learners provide proof of acceptance from the new institution.

Completed Continued Education Support 2017 questionnaires with required attachments should be submitted to either of the following addresses:

Department of Military Veterans
Continued Education Support
328 Festival Street

Applications Open: 07 September 2016
Closing date: 19 October 2016 (No late applications will be accepted)

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